Teaneck Junior Soccer League (TJSL) is a nonprofit, all-volunteer organization to promote soccer in Teaneck NJ. Over 1,000 children play every year.


FC TEANECK:  Participant Agreement

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FC TEANECK is a Teaneck Junior Soccer League (TJSL) program for Teaneck residents 6 to 18 years of age that are looking for a more competitive, year-round soccer experience. Players are selected for FC TEANECK teams following an evaluation by TJSL’s Director of Coaching and/or professional trainer(s). 
The objective of FC TEANECK is to develop soccer skills, team concepts and an appreciation and enthusiasm for soccer. While competitive play is part of the learning process, the winning of games should not be the measure of success.
FC TEANECK expects all coaches, players, and parents to act in a publicly appropriate manner at all events and activities and adhere to TJSL’s Code of Conduct. In addition, FC TEANECK parents and guardians shall consent to the following FC TEANECK Participant Agreement:
  • I understand that my child’s participation in the FC TEANECK program is a privilege and not a right.
  • I understand that FC TEANECK requires a commitment through June (end of the soccer season).
  • I understand that FC TEANECK takes priority over other non-travel / recreational sports.
  • I understand that FC TEANECK’s coaches and trainers focus on long-term player development versus short-term wins and losses.
  • I shall notify the coaches as soon as I know that my child cannot attend any training session, practice, game or tournament. I shall also reply promptly to messages / emails regarding training sessions, practices, tournaments and games, if my child cannot attend.
  • I shall pick-up my child on-time from training sessions, practices, tournaments and games.
  • I understand that playing time and position depends on the game and coaches will treat players fair in this regard. I further understand that playing time is not guaranteed on FC TEANECK teams.
  • I shall ensure my child arrives 5 minutes prior to training sessions and practice and at least 30 minutes prior to start of games and tournaments.  
  • I shall direct any questions about the time, date and location training sessions, practices, tournaments and games to my child’s coach and/or team manager.
  • I shall direct any question about the teams and/or coaches to TJSL’s Director of Coaching.
  • I shall not contact opposing clubs, referees, or leagues in which FC TEANECK teams participate.
  • I understand that no refunds are offered for FC TEANECK player fees and/or uniforms.
  • I understand that failure to conform to the FC TEANECK Participant Agreement or TJSL’s Code of Conduct may result in my child being removed from the FC TEANECK program at any time.