Teaneck Junior Soccer League (TJSL) is a nonprofit, all-volunteer organization to promote soccer in Teaneck NJ. Over 1,000 children play every year.


Health Screening



Given the current health concerns during CoViD-19, TJSL has implemented a health safety protocol for all 2020-21 programs. All participants must comply with the guidelines, including the Health Screening in two parts:

  • Health Screen Questionnaire
    TJSL requires all participants to complete and submit a health symptoms screening questionnaire on the day of each soccer activity. A parent/ guardian will be required to complete this for children under 18 years of age. If the questionnaire is not completed or if any health risk factors are identified in the questionnaire responses, the participant will not be permitted to participate in soccer activities.
  • Temperature Check
    Before the soccer activity begins, each participant will be subjected to a contactless Temperature Check. If the participant’s temperature is 100.4F or higher, s/he will not be permitted to participate in soccer activities.


Health Screening Schedule

For each soccer activity, the Health Screen questionnaire must be completed online on the day of the activity itself, and in advance before arriving at the field. Availability of the questionnaire online will be as follows:

  • Sunday        5am – 7pm
  • Mon – Thu   12pm – 10pm (same day)

A separate questionnaire must be filled out for each day of soccer activity, even when the participant has activity scheduled on consecutive days.


The Temperature Check will be conducted at the Votee Sportsplex, as each participant enters the field.

Accessing the Online Questionnaire

Follow the steps below to complete the online Health Screen Questionnaire:

1. Using a Computer or Tablet: Access the TJSL website from a browser of your choice and click the green HEALTH SCREEN button on the right side of the main page.
Using a Smartphone: Access the TJSL website using the browser on the smartphone. Click the Register option on the top right & then select HEALTH SCREEN from the list.

2. During the hours that it is accessible, only one questionnaire will be available. The name of the questionnaire will show the date for which the Health Screen is valid. If no Health Screen questionnaire is available, check the availability schedule above.

3. Click on the green Register button to continue.

4. If you haven’t logged in already, do so now using your existing login credentials. Do not create a new login.

5. The next screen will show all participants that are eligible for the Health Screen. If any participant shows as Ineligible, it would be either because they have no DoB in the system, or they were born after 31 Dec 2013. To have the DoB corrected, contact TJSL by sending an email to info@teanecksoccer.com.

6. Note for Parents/Guardians: Before you fill out the questionnaire make sure to have the correct name of your child’s squad. Selecting the wrong name could delay verification at the field & possibly deny entry.

Filling out the Questionnaire

1. From the Register Family Member screen, click the green Register against the eligible participant.

2. Skip the next screen showing the participant’s name & address. Scroll down & click Submit to continue.

3. All questions are mandatory. Follow instructions & read each question carefully before responding. Prompts are in both English & Spanish.

4. If respond Yes/Sí to any of the questions, you will be prompted to confirm at the end. As stated in the questionnaire, such a participant would not be allowed to take part in the day’s soccer activities.

5. Click Submit to complete the questionnaire. Once submitted, none of the responses may be changed.

6. A confirmation will be displayed on the next screen & the same message will also be sent via email.

7. To fill out the questionnaire for an additional participant, click the TJSL menu option to return to the website’s main page. Start again by following the steps under Accessing the Online Questionnaire above.

Note: For all questions about this Health Screen Questionnaire, send an email to info@teanecksoccer.com
DO NOT CALL our voicemail line!