Teaneck Junior Soccer League (TJSL) is a nonprofit, all-volunteer organization to promote soccer in Teaneck. Over 1,000 children play every year.


Parents:  Helpful Information

TJSL aims to provide every child on a team, a fun and safe experience, to improve their confidence and skills at soccer, and at being part of a team and a league composed of friends and neighbors.

Your Child's Team

From the TJSL website, you can access the Team Roster & Game/Practice Schedules.

  • Log into your account

  • From the Teams menu, click on Choose a Team>, select the current Season, Division and your child's Team.

  • Team Page: You can see the upcoming Schedule of games, practices & training sessions. To see the complete Schedule for the season, click on Full.

  • Roster: From the Teams menu, click on Roster to see the team Coaches & members. This menu option is not displayed until a team is selected.

  • Schedule: From the Teams menu, click on Schedule to see the complete Schedule.

  • Calendar: To synchronize the Schedule with your own calendar: When on the Schedule page, click on Options (right side of the screen) & select Calendar Feed. On the next screen, pick the appropriate option (Google or Outlook) & follow instructions.

Scroll down to see instructions on how to get the smartphone app.

Your Role as a Parent

  • As a parent or family member of a registered child:

    • Review & abide by the Parents Code of Conduct

    • Help the coaches teach your kids to behave respectfully towards coaches, referees and to one another.
    • Watch games & practices from the designated spectator areas. Parents are not allowed in the player area during games.
    • Let your coach know if your child will miss a game, practice or training session.
    • Encourage your child to his or her best at whatever position is assigned by the coach.
  • Help your child with the following:

    • Come to practices and games on time with a good attitude, properly dressed and with the right equipment.

    • Players must wear shin guards, fully covered by socks.
    • Soccer cleats are optional, sneakers are permitted. When playing on the new turf fields, soccer cleats are the preferred choice. However, baseball, football or softball cleats are not allowed.
    • For reasons of safety, no earrings or jewelry is allowed, including metal clips, pins or beads in the hair.
    • Bring a bottle of water labeled with the player’s name - ONLY WATER IS ALLOWED ON THE TURF FIELDS.
    • Each player should bring a ball to every outdoor training session and practice. Write the player’s name on the ball

U09 = Size 4 ball
U11 = Size 4 ball
U13 = Size 5 ball
U16 = Size 5 ball

TJSL Smartphone App

Stay connected, with the Teaneck Soccer smartphone SSU app. On our phone go to the TJSL website, scroll to the bottom, click on App & download the SportsSignup Play app.

SSU Play

  • Open the app and enter your TeaneckSoccer username (email),
  • Enter your password or use the Magic Link feature. You will receive in your email a link that you have to open from your mobile.
  • Once you log in, your team(s) will be shown automatically.
  • In the app, you can see your Roster, Schedule and send RSVPs for team activities.

At the beginning of every season, log out & log back into the app to see the updated teams & rosters for the current season.